EcoArt, est. 2018 CZ


Bringing art and nature together to help people de-stress and reconnect to nature. 

EcoArt is about bringing art and nature together to help people de-stress and reconnect to nature. It focuses on the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve and raises awareness and appreciation for our environment around our community. 


The environment and nature around us is beautiful and precious. I really appreciate the beautiful preserves and Baylands that we have in the city of Palo Alto. As a community, we rarely get the chance to recognize and enjoy nature. Through EcoArt, I especially want to reach out to teens. Teens experience a lot of stress from schoolwork, as well as from their extracurricular activities and home life. To help teens grow, de-stress, and recharge, I believe that a combination of nature and art is good for them to find balance in school and home life. I believe that empowering the next generation to help nature can bring a change for the better.


I will be donating all of the money from the sales of this art shop to the Environmental Volunteers EcoCenter in Palo Alto. Anyone can submit their own nature-related art to EcoArt, which can be made into products. The art shop can raise awareness for the environment, as well as inspire the community to go out into nature and create art. Additionally, EcoArt will host community art events that everyone can participate in and enjoy. There will be art shows, galleries, competitions, and events that are all nature related. The Environmental Volunteers EcoCenter have opened up their facilities and areas to host art shows and galleries, as well as to invite the community to draw the beautiful Baylands landscape. I think fun art events can encourage and inspire people to explore and reconnect to nature, as well as relax and de-stress. All events will be held locally in the city of Palo Alto. In the end, I hope that I can help people to relax through art and nature, and bring awareness to the environment.


Your help is needed to bring this project to life. Please consider donating to the Environmental Volunteers EcoCenter, or purchasing some of EcoArt’s products. I hope to keep the beautiful earth the way it is well into the future.


-- CZ, founder of EcoArt